I spent most of my formative years on the border and by the sea in the southern tip of Texas. With an overactive imagination, a voracious appetite for fiction, and a desired distraction from my surroundings, it was here where I developed an affinity for storytelling.

After graduating high school, I moved to Austin for undergrad. I received a Bachelor's in Marketing with a minor in Government. Throughout my college career, I took on internships in digital marketing and graphic design. While working professionally, I've played a central role in crafting digital and experiential tactics to put the product, resource, and plan of action in front of consumers - often for the first time. It was here where I developed a strong passion for creative and design.

And here we are now: I'm an experienced designer, practiced film producer, and amateur photographer working on an array of projects from branding and design to film making. 

Let's make some cool stuff together.